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Ms. Mattie's Southern Style, Southern Flavor Bar-B-Q Sauce
Ms Matties Bar-B-Q Sauce - 10oz.png
Ms Matties Bar-B-Q Sauce - 10oz.png

Ms. Mattie’s Bar-B-Q Sauce is the specialty “do-it-all” sauce with authentic southern style and southern flavor.  It has been at the center of a cooking and barbecuing family tradition for over 100 years. 

Ms. Mattie’s Bar-B-Q Sauce is the essential flavor creator for any of your indoor/outdoor cooking and grilling needs.  Ms. Mattie’s Bar-B-Q Sauce is guaranteed to add an unforgettable taste and zest to any of your favorite barbecue dishes. 

You can create many other uniquely tasteful dishes as well.

Ms. Mattie’s Bar-B-Q Sauce… Gives you the Southern Style and Southern Flavor your taste buds will savor!

Order Ms. Mattie's Bar-B-Q Sauce Online NOW!

"We love Ms. Mattie's Bar-B-Q Sauce. I put it on everything from spare ribs to salads!"

- KD, JJ, LB Jr. M.,Portland, Maine

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