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About Us 

The Re-discovery of a “Lost Recipe”


Growing up in a traditional small southern town, everything was “made-from-scratch” or homemade.  Our community was very close-knit and young women were customarily trained by several women within the community on proper etiquette when cooking in the kitchen. 


This diverse learning environment created countless combinations of southern spices and flavor.  However, one particular combination of spices was mastered by a woman affectionately known throughout the community as Ms. Mattie.


Ms. Mattie’s blending of ingredients re-created the old time southern mustard-vinegar base considered a” lost recipe”, but a vintage flavor in true southern barbeque taste, and surprisingly, not sweet.  Asked for by popular majority among the community, Ms. Mattie and many other women in this small town used this wonderful sauce frequently to give flavor to dinners sold during church fundraisers and various community functions.  


As children, on these occasions, we could smell a magnificent aroma teeming throughout the neighborhood.


Ms. Mattie’s Bar-B-Q Sauce is the specialty “do-it-all” sauce with authentic southern style and southern flavor.  It has been at the center of a cooking and barbecuing family tradition for over 100 years. 

Ms. Mattie’s Bar-B-Q Sauce is the essential flavor creator for any of your indoor/outdoor cooking and grilling needs.

Ms. Mattie’s Bar-B-Q Sauce is guaranteed to add an unforgettable taste and zest to any of your favorite barbecue dishes. 

You can create many other uniquely tasteful dishes as well.

Ms. Mattie’s Bar-B-Q Sauce… Gives you the Southern Style and Southern Flavor your taste buds will savor!

Order Ms. Mattie's Bar-B-Q Sauce Online NOW!

Ms Matties Bar-B-Q Sauce - 10oz.png
Ms Matties Bar-B-Q Sauce - 10oz.png

“We love your Ms. Mattie’s Bar-B-Q Sauce, a wonderful refreshing taste and flavor.”
- Angel A., Cathy N.

MS Matties Original House.jpg

Ms Mattie's House - 1101 Sweat St., Waycross, Georgia 31501

Where Ms. Mattie's Bar-B-Q Sauce began in 1952, Kathryn learned how to make the sauce from Ms. Mattie & Grandma.  Photo courtesy of Google Maps.

"Something New in Bar-B-Q"


The Rib Place, Inc. was established in 1993 by founders the late LB, Sr. and KD Moultrie as a family owned and operated company.  Initially the company primarily offered seasonal catering/event specializing in recipes infused with southern spices and flavor.  

We then decided to concentrate our efforts on manufacturing the “lost recipe”.  Pioneering a new way of cooking inside the home, and barbequing outside the home.

After several years of perfecting our uniquely tasteful formula, Ms. Mattie’s Bar-B-Q Sauce is the premiere product to be debuted by The Rib Place, Inc in the summer of 2010.

Great Times to Use Ms. Mattie's Bar-B-Q Sauce

Family Reunions, Work Events, Picnic’s, Birthday Celebrations, Graduations!


The Davis Family has been gathering every year since 2005 to honor and remember members of our Family Tree, those gone and still here.  Together we prepare to share and coach our youth and young adults for the future.  

When saying "Bon Voyage" (see our photos below), don’t forget to look for Ms. Mattie’s Bar-B-Q Sauce while you are traveling!

Davis Family Reunion 2010

Bon Voyage Party

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